Indiana State Festivals Association Queen Scholarship Pageant

2021 ISFA Scholarship Pageant:  Nov 13 at 7 pm  

Hosted by the Riley Festival at Greenfield Central High School

RE: Letter to Pageant Directors

November 1, 2020

Dear Pageant Directors,

What a year we have had. Who would have thought that going into 2020 that we would be in a pandemic, see festivals and events canceled and find out that we can stay at home and enjoy different activities!

That being said, I’m sure you have realized by now that we are not having an ISFA State Pageant in January, 2021. We have looked at several scenarios and have come to a decision moving forward.

We are going to go backwards, so to speak. In the past, our pageant was held in November in conjunction with our ISFA annual meeting. So we are going back to our roots.

Our 2021 ISFA Pageant will be held on November 13, 2021. In making this decision, we also looked at finding a permanent home. We have a five year agreement for our pageant to be held at Greenfield Central High School. Yes, this will be different since we will all have to stay at a nearby hotel and go back and forth. But for us, as an organization, this is a financially sound decision.

We realize that some festivals did hold a pageant in 2020 and chose a festival queen to represent your event. We didn’t want your 2020 queen to miss out on the opportunity to earn scholarship money, so if you did have a 2020 pageant you can send both your 2020 queen and your 2021 queen if choose to do that.

I know you are thinking, we can’t afford to do that. We have your backs. If you choose to send both of your queens, the cost will be $130.00 for the first entry and only $40.00 for the second entry. You still have to abide by the age rules. Our ISFA rules state that she has to be between the ages of 17 and 22. As long as she is no more than 22 on the pageant date, she will be eligible.

Obviously, with a November date, the deadline for entries will be earlier, so the deadline must be strictly adhered to.

We are excited to return our ISFA Pageant to the November date. It feels like going home. We have several things to work out and we will be doing that as we prepare to have an amazing pageant on November 13, 2021. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 260-571-9391.


~ Chris Benson, ISFA Pageant Director

Kendall Johnson from Newburgh, Indiana, was crowned the 2020 Indiana State Festivals Association Queen. She represents the Labor Day Association Festival. The ISFA Scholarship Pageant is held on Saturday of the ISFA Annual Meeting in November and representatives of all ISFA member festivals are invited to participate. Congratulations to Kendall as she represents Indiana Festivals this year!