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About “ISFA 1” Promotional Vehicle

“ISFA 1” is a 26 ½ foot step van with a custom designed and colorful ISFA promotion wrap that features the 2022 Indiana Festival Guide Cover and highlights 36 of Indiana’s Festivals, Fairs & Events.

A 26 minute custom sound track that features fanfares, patriotic and Hoosier musical selections and announcements, a custom light package and a bubble machine make for a real festive touch to any ISFA member festival parade or event.

Need a unique addition to your Festival Parade or Event?

Fill out the form below to request an appearance at your parade, festival, fair, or event at NO COST (Note: Appearance subject to availability on first come / first serve basis and not guaranteed.)

For Questions, call Doug Weisheit at
765-592-1662 or email info@indianafestivals.org.


How does my festival / event get featured on the vehicle? 

“ISFA 1” festival listing on “ISFA 1” is FREE for ISFA festival / event memberships at or above $825 for the current guide or 1/4 page, 1/2 page, or full page membership ad package. 

What that means? Select option “S”, “U”, “V”, or purchase additional display ads alongside your membership option to reach above the $825 level.

How does my DMO / organization get featured on the back of the vehicle? 

Space is limited to the partnerships that have the at least a $3900 buy-in for the 2023 Indiana Festival Guide this includes memberships and ads combined. In 2022, the top 22 organizations and DMO buy-ins were featured. 

For 2023, DMO members that purchase $3900 or more in the Indiana Festival Guide will have their logo placed on the back of ISFA 1. 


Additional FRONT COVER Perk!

The current Indiana Festival Guide Cover will be featured largely on each side of “ISFA 1.” Thus, if you purchase the cover position on a future guide, you will receive this extra bonus at NO ADDITIONAL COST and have your very own traveling advertisement.


Have you seen us? Gallery of Appearances

Above Picture Location: Columbus, Indiana